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The Notes Manifesto

We support the Notes Manifesto.

The signers manifest:

  1. HCL, being the current owner of Notes and Domino must be aware that
    a. there is a user community of more than 100 million users
    b. there are millions (!) of software applications in use
    c. there are tens of thousands of experienced software developers and system administrators available
  2. Notes and Domino must be understood and communicated to the market as
    a. a distributed database system with included mail routing, mail client, web server , mobile work support and more
    b. a rapid application development and deployment (RAD&D) environment, that allows not only for rapid application development but also for quick roll-out and distribution of design elements and data
    c. a public key infrastructure that provides high security in email and network communication as well as data encryption at no additional cost
  3. The core functions of Notes and Domino must be maintained, which comprise
    a. replication of data and design elements
    b. off-line usage
    c. encryption of local data
    d. data types Author, Reader and Names
    e. public key infrastructure with strong security
    f. bulk encryption keys
    g. access control lists (ACL)
    h. DocLinks, ViewLinks and AppLinks
    i. integrated full text search
    j. the macro programming language
    k. database unread lists
    l. mail routing capabilities
  4. The product shall be improved in the following areas
    a. faster development client
    b. faster and more reliable view indices
    c. Notes client for tablets
    d. Notes client for smartphones
    e. fast Notes client that opens forms and views quickly
    f. rapid application development for web applications
    g. faster adaption of new/changed industry standards
  5. The product documentation shall be kept complete and up to date
    a. The documentation shall contain all information necessary to develop Notes applications and to customize and configure the Domino deployment.
    b. The documentation shall be updated by HCL whenever new relevant information is available (i.e. from PMRs, from bug reports or from planned features).
    c. The documentation shall be included in the Notes client deployment process.
  6. The integrated full text search engine is fast and reliable
    a. No other products shall be used or promoted.
    b. However the existing full text search engine shall be improved when necessary.
  7. Optional: Improvements in Domino Designer
    a. @MailSend with DocLink to a view (ViewLink) or application (AppLink)
    b. Improved/bigger properties panel in Notes client and Domino designer
    c. Open an embedded view with a double click
    d. Improved documentation in the local Notes help; covering all aspects of supported technologies & programming languages
    e. A more stable Domino designer for xPages development
    i. The ability to turn of the design view and only used the source view
  8. Better communication from HCL
    a. Create, communicate and periodically update the road map for Domino and Notes products – show customers that HCL has a strong commitment to these products
  9. Better communication from customers and business partners to HCL Notes development teams
    a. There must be a direct way to submit suggestions for improvements
    i. This way must be well communicated
    ii. There must always be a feedback to a submitter


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